Frequently Asked Questions

You've got a question? We have an answer, and if we don't, email us at or fill out a contact form.

What are your return/exchange policies?

We understand it's hard to shop online and know exactly what a piece will look like on you. We offer 14-day returns and 30-day exchanges. Check out this page here for more information.

My necklace is a little off on the sizing, what's up?

Our pieces are handmade so all of our sizings are approximate. We try to measure our pieces as precisely as we can, but they may vary up to 1/4 of an inch for necklace lengths and a few mm for pendant sizes.

My necklace doesn't look exactly like the photo.

Because we use genuine gemstones that come straight from the Earth, each necklace is unique to you. Sizes and colors of each gemstone will vary, but we try to pick the most similar gemstones so what you see in the photo will be close to what you'll receive. If you want to see your exact necklace before shipping please contact us.

You're out of stock of a piece I want to buy.

Since gemstones are natural to the Earth our stock is limited. Message us as we sometimes have one or two pieces in backstock that we don't sell or we can attempt to source the stone for you.

Can you custom make me a piece?

Um, yes! We love to do custom orders. Just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll see if we can make it.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, please check out our wholesale information page here.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Sterling silver tarnishes when exposed to air so keep it safe in a baggie and polish it frequently. Gold fill won't tarnish and just needs a nice bath in soapy water every once in a while to keep it bright and shiny. Most gemstones don't love water and sweat, so to preserve the life of your piece, don't wear it in the shower or when working out

What happens if my piece breaks?

Oh no! We're sorry! It must be because you're loving it so much, right? We do basic repairs for free within the first year of purchase. After one year, there's a small fee. Please email us at

What products are made in-house and what is outsourced?

All of our jewelry is made in Seattle by the owner! The ceramic jewelry dishes are made by the wonderful Rain Ceramics in Olympia, Washington.


We are required to collect tax on all orders shipping within Washington state.